DIRECTIONS: Check as many boxes as apply to you.

    This quiz is not intended to replace consulting with professionals and/or physicians about alcohol, tobacco and other drug use. This is a self-test intended to allow you the opportunity to look at your personal behaviors and offer resources for help. The Reality Check Quiz is completely confidential.

    DO YOU:
    Spend a great deal of time talking or thinking about getting "high"?

    Use drugs or alcohol when alone or when no one else is using?

    Have a "blackout" or memory loss during or after a drinking or drugging episode?

    Hoard or protect an extra supply of drugs or alcohol so as not to run out?

    Need more and more of a substance to get the desired effect?

    Drink more or use more drugs than originally planned or do so without planning?

    Use alcohol or drugs to escape from problems?

    Chug or gulp drinks, take large amounts of drugs, or do anything to get a large amount of a substance into the body quickly?

    Find that "using" is upsetting or worrying your family?

    Appear less efficient or ambitious?

    Lose time from school or work due to alcohol or drug use?

    Need to drink or use drugs first thing in the morning?

    If you have checked even some of these boxes, it may indicate a drug or alcohol problem. You may need help.

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