Inhalants are substances that produce chemical vapors that when inhaled result in mind altering effects.

      Motivation for Using:
      • Sensation seeking

      • Escape

      • Pleasure seeking

      • Experimentation

      • Instant gratification (quick high with rapid onset, can be repeated multiple times in a short span)

      • Easy Access

      • Paint thinner

      • Degreaser

      • Glue

      • Correction fluid

      • Electronics cleaners

      • Butane

      • Aerosols

      • Spray paint

      • Nitrous oxide

      • Nitrates

      • Legal prescription called Amyl Nitrite

      • “Poppers” or “snappers” sold under names such as “Rush” or “Liquid Gold”

      • Room deodorizers

      Immediate Effects of Use:
      • Slowing of Bodily functions

      • Euphoria/short-term intoxicating effect

      • Lightheadedness

      • Dizziness

      • Alteration of perception and sensation

      Short-Term Dangers of Use:
      • Nausea

      • Nosebleeds

      • Coughing

      • Fatigue

      • Loss of Concentration

      • Loss of Coordination

      • Bad breath

      • “Sudden Sniffing Death” resulting from heart failure

      • Particularly if inhaling fumes of butane, propane, or chemicals in aerosols

      • Can happen in an otherwise healthy youth with even one usage

      • Death by suffocation

      • Especially when inhaling from a bag or in a closed area

      • Results from displacement of oxygen from the lungs

      Dangers of Long Term Use:
      • Damage to nervous system, including brain cells

      • Damage to liver and kidneys

      • Damage to bone marrow

      • Hearing loss (related to nerve cell damage)

      • Chronic limb spasms or neuropathy

      • Slurred speech

      For more information on methamphetamine, inhalants and addiction in Bucks County call the AIM program at 1-215 345-6644

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