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Methamphetamines     Inhalants


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    Profile of Methamphetamine User
    Predominately caucasian males
    Found in rural areas
    Males ages 19-40
    Increasing among college students and young professionals involved in the club scene

    Methamphetamine: Warning Signs
    Physical Symptoms:
    Loss of appetite
    Sores on face/arms
    Nasal damage
    Dry, itchy skin
    Dilated pupils
    Blurred visions
    Increased heart rate

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    Profile of Inhalant User
    Predominantly Caucasian
    Ages 7-17
    Late childhood, early adolescent
    Experimentation is equally likely in males or females
    Chronic abuser tends to be male
    1 in 4 chronic inhalant abusers have quit or been permanently suspended from school
    2 of 3 inhalant abusers have at least one failing grade on their report cards

    Signs and Symptoms of Inhalant Use
    Unusual odor on breath or clothes
    Paint stains on clothes, mouth, hands

    Physical signs and symptoms of Inhalant Use
    Red eyes or Glassy eyes
    Runny nose
    Sores on/around nose and/or mouth
    Ataxic (unsteady) gait
    Nausea and Loss of Appetite
    Drunk or dazed appearance

    Other signs of Inhalant Abuse
    Change in Personality
    Periods of agitation, irritability, anxiety
    Missing or Moved household products

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